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Not much is known about Peter's past, although it can be assumed that it followed an identical path to that of his Earth-90214 counterpart.

Shattered Dimensions

The Spider-Man was recruited by the Madame Web of Earth-TRN579 into her group of Spider-Men to recover the pieces of the Tablet of Order and Chaos that landed in his dimension after his TRN579 counterpart accidentally destroyed it.

Fall of The Goblin

While searching for pieces of the tablet, The Spider-Man discovered that one of New York City's biggest crimelords, The Goblin, was also searching for fragment pieces.

After receiving a tip from Felicia Hardy, he found Osborn's top loanshark, Hammerhead transporting a fragment. He followed him to a train yard where Lorenzini used to fragment to merge his tommy guns with his arms. He defeats him and retrieves the fragment.

Next, he figures out that a fragment ended up in the hands of Osborn's top assassin, The Vulture. He ironically hunted down the bird of prey and forcefully took the fragment from him.

Parker targeted The Goblin's hideout, the carnival Osborn was kept as a child. When confronted by Osborn, he found that he had used the fragment to become a hulking monster. He chased Osborn around the carnival until finally defeating him, ending the crimelord's reign.

Power of Mysterio

Mysterio was able to reclaim the Tablet and began to change it to his liking. Madame Web was able to teleport the Spider-Men to Earth-TRN579 who used their combined power to defeat him.[1] Unlike the other Spider-Men (except for The Amazing Spider-Man), who mocked each other, he stated that he was glad there was a future and hoped the Spider-Men would continue the good fight, to which Ultimate Spider-Man responded "word".


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-90214 along with:

  • Fragment Detection: Madame Web gave Parker the ability to sense the location of fragments of the Tablet of Order and Chaos.[1]
  • X-Ray Vision: Madame Web gave Parker the ability to see through objects, locate enemies, and discern structural weaknesses.[1]
  • Web-Shooting: Madame Web was able to enhance Parker's usual ability to generate webbing so that it came out in the constant stream of his more modern counterparts, as opposed to how it (in his own words) "just splatter[ed] all over the place".


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-90214 along with.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-90214.

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