Once, Web-Beard was the captain of a great ship and had a loyal crew, but he wanted a treasure all for himself, so they made a mutiny and stranded him on a deserted island.[1]

Now, alone on the island with nothing but his Coco friend and the treasure he was able to retrieve, Web Beard encounters and fights Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid thinking they were after his treasure. When they were trying to reason with him, his old crew showed up on The Groot, now commanded by Dread Pirate Duck.[1]

The three were sentenced to walk the plank until the Kraken showed up and attacked The Groot. After realizing they had to work together, they managed to defeated the Kraken. Web-Beard then gave the Spiders the shard for their help and they left to another dimension.[1]

Web-Beard was later seen to be among the spiders from different realities who were captured by Wolf-Spider to absorb their life-forces through the Web of Reality. With the encouragement of Spider-Man of Earth-12041, all the spiders were able to fight back using their life-forces to overload Wolf-Spider, thus killing him and setting them all free.

Web-Beard has displayed himself to be a bit crazy and loony, possibly due to being isolated on an island, going as far as to talking to a coconut with a dawned face he named "Coco". He's also insanely greedy, not wanting to share his treasure with his crew mates, he's also quick to shift blame on to others, but despite this, he has shown some degree of care for his friends.

He is voiced by Will Friedle.

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