At an unknown time, Web-Slinger's uncle, Ben Parker, disappeared and Doc. Ock Holiday became their village's new sheriff. Since then, Peter Parker started acting as crime fighter under the name Web-Slinger, but was branded an outlaw by the current Sheriff as he always went against his authority.[1]

During a combat against Doc Ock and the Phantom Rider (secretly, his Uncle Ben), he met Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid (Miles Morales) and, when they're all ambushed by the Phantom Rider, he abandons them and they're arrested.[1]

After a while, he comes back and breaks them, but after his shooting hand is injured by Ock, he left again. After realizing his uncle would've wanted him to fight, Peter returned and helped the Spiders defeat Doc. Ock, revealing the Phantom Rider as a mind-controlled Uncle Ben.[1]

Afterwards, the Spiders left to the next dimension, Doc Ock Holiday was arrested and Ben Parker became sheriff again.[1]


Genius Intelligence Level: Peter appears to be very intelligent, as he was able to made pretty sophisticated Web-Pistols in an Old West World.

Marksmanship: Naturally, since Web-Pistols are Peter's main weapon of choice, he is a skilled marksman capable of almost firing at the right intended target.




Web-Pistols: Peter created pistol-like devices that were capable of shooting a special web fluid, when he became Web-Slinger.

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