Quote1.png Wherever I go, the wind follows. And the wind, it smells like rain. My name is Peter Parker. I was bitten by a radioactive spider. In my universe, it’s 1933, and I’m a private eye. I like to drink egg creams, and I like to fight Nazis. A lot. Sometimes I let matches burn down to my fingertips just to feel something, anything. Quote2.png
-- The Spider-Man src



Peter possibly lived a similar life to that of his Earth-90214 counterpart until he was transported to another universe. He teamed up with other Spider-People to deactivate the portal that brought them in there. They were successful, and The Spider-Man returned to his reality.[1]

Quote1.png Can you close off your feelings so you don't get crippled by the moral ambiguity of your violent actions? Quote2.png
--The Spider-Man[src]

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Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-90214.


Quote1.png Okay, little fella, Kingpin's gonna send a lot of mugs after ya. And I'm talkin' hard boys, real biscuit boxers. Can you fight them all off at once? Quote2.png
--The Spider-Man[src]


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-90214.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-90214.

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