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Quote1.png I never knew him like that before. In the red and blue. It felt impossible that he could be... I don't know... a hero. But he was. He is. Quote2.png
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Peter Parker's life presumably followed a similar path to that of his counterpart from the Prime Marvel Universe. However, he married Mary Jane Watson and had a son with her named Ben.

Spider-Man and Mary Jane

In the early years of Ben's life, New York City was ravaged by the forces of a villain named Cadaverous and his minions. Spider-Man protected citizens and fought off the invading forces, but was heavily injured and had his right arm mauled. When Mary Jane tried to help him, Cadaverous and his minions approached them begging for his help. Cadaverous' minions overpowered Spider-Man, leaving him powerless to witness Cadaverous impaling Mary Jane and throwing her off the bridge where the fight was taking place. Peter managed to break free and catch MJ, but she was already dead.

Twelve years later, Peter had given up being Spider-Man. Working full-time as a reporter, Peter was forced to travel continuously. He grew distant of his son and left him under the care of his Aunt May, plagued by the feeling that he was inadequate for either of them. While back in New York in between flights, Peter got a call from the principal of Ben's school, due to Ben having attacked a bully once again. Peter picked up Ben and tried to convince him to stop trying to help other people since it could cause trouble, resulting in an argument. Ben walked off, and Peter went to take his flight. Before taking off, Peter briefly talked to May on the phone, and she tried to convince him to take better care of his son.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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