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The Peter Parker of Earth-TRN848's life mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until he bonded to the Venom symbiote. Haunted by chronic nightmares of his failures and feeling his life was in ruins, Spider-Man became increasingly short-tempered and brutal in his crime-fighting, influenced by the symbiote masquerading as his black suit. After accidentally injuring Mary Jane Watson when awakening from a nightmare, Spider-Man attempted to take the symbiote to the Fantastic Four for analysis only for the suit to seemingly malfunction and refuse to shoot a webline.

Coming across the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man was tempted by the symbiote to kill him but instead removed his mask and terrorized him before leaving him as a warning to the other super-criminals. After a heart-to-heart with his girlfriend Black Cat, Spider-Man traveled to the Baxter Building, where Mister Fantastic and Human Torch were alarmed by the changes in his personality. Exhausted, Spider-Man requested to sleep while Mister Fantastic's machine analyzed his black suit, and had a nightmare where the symbiote urged him to accept that he can't protect the ones he cares about without hurting those who get in his way. Awakened from his nightmare by Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man was briefly surprised to learn that his black suit was actually an alien symbiote that was attempting to mentally and physically bond with him. Disregarding Mister Fantastic's warning that it could be dangerous, Spider-Man accepted the symbiote and welcomed his bond to the creature, rebuking Mister Fantastic for wanting to imprison and experiment on it.

Deciding to make amends with his Aunt May, who he'd been estranged from after dropping out of university, Peter stopped by her house - unaware that the Hobgoblin had followed him. The Hobgoblin - now aware of Spider-Man's civilian identity - attacked and burned down May's house with her inside, the symbiote's fear of fire preventing Peter from rescuing her. Directing his grief and rage towards the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man transformed into a monstrous form and killed the Hobgoblin by crushing his skull, vowing to use his power to crush his enemies before they could hurt any more of his loved ones.[2]

Giving into the costume's corrupting nature, Spider-Man started killing criminals. He also threatened J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle to stop smearing him in his newspaper, crushing one of his hands as a warning. Fearful that Spider-Man would eventually come after him, the Kingpin hired Shocker and Scorpion to kill Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man killed the pair instead and went after Kingpin next. The Kingpin revealed to Spider-Man that he had learned of his secret identity as Peter Parker - hoping to find a relative or spouse to threaten as insurance - and pitied him for no longer having any loved ones before Spider-Man brutally killed him.[3]

Spider-Man's brutality forced some of his enemies to band together as the Sinister Six to kill him before he did and gained an unlikely ally in J. Jonah Jameson, who now considered Spider-Man a bigger threat than the villains themselves. The Sinister Six lured Spider-Man out into a remote area by drawing him out with the Beetle. However, Spider-Man hid underground and killed Mysterio. He then killed Rhino and Electro before being attacked by Jameson in a remotely-piloted Spider-Slayer Mark V. Jameson was about to kill Spider-Man in a burning barn but was convinced by Spider-Man to spare his life by stating how the black suit controlled him as well as revealing his secret identity as Peter Parker. The symbiote left Spider-Man after an explosion triggered by Kraven the Hunter while Jameson aided Spider-Man in fleeing the area and got him back to his apartment. However, the police had surrounded the area after the Kingpin revealed that Parker was Spider-Man after his death.[4]

Spider-Man and his friends chose to flee to the roof before the police arrived. Spider-Man then ordered Cat to take Jameson home while he took Mary Jane home before he went after the symbiote. However, Spider-Man and Mary Jane witnessed the symbiote's take over of the Baxter Building as it engulfed the structure in symbiote biomass. They then went to the Baxter Building where the Avengers, X-Factor, and half of the Fantastic Four were trying to assess the situation. Peter convinced Captain America to allow him enter the Baxter Building and defeat the symbiote. As Peter entered, Mary Jane and the Human Torch followed him.

Spider-Man and Torch went up an elevator shaft to get to Reed Richards' lab, but they were attacked by a symbiote possessed-Thing. Torch fled, leaving Spider-Man to fight The Thing. Spider-Man tried fighting the Thing, but he was no match for him. So, Spider-Man forced The Thing outside where the heroes there could deal with him. Shortly after, the symbiote, who had possessed Reed Richards, unleashed a swarm of its offspring upon New York City. When Mary Jane confronted the symbiote and ordered to leave Torch alone, Spider-Man panicked as he overheard her via Torch's communicator.[1]

Spider-Man then sensed the arrival of superheroes possessed by the offspring of the symbiote who left shortly after when the symbiote chased after Torch and Mary Jane. Spider-Man made his way to Reed's lab and came up with a plan to stop the symbiote. He asked Torch to lure the symbiote back to the Baxter Building. Torch then impersonated Spider-Man using Thing's Image Inducer and tricked it into releasing Reed, though the symbiote killed Reed to prevent him from interfering. After Torch lured the symbiote into the Baxter Building, he killed it with his flames, freeing everyone possessed by the symbiote's offspring.

Spider-Man then turned himself in for the murders he committed. Thanks to testimony from other heroes about how they were unable to resist the control of the symbiotes that possessed them, Spider-Man was found not guilty of his crimes. Spider-Man later joined the Fantastic Four after being invited by Invisible Woman.[5]

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Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.



Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


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