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"Richard Parker" was a clone of Peter Parker created by Otto Octavius and artificially aged into a middle-aged man. Psychic Cassandra Webb implanted Richard with false memories that he was Peter Parker's father, having survived the plane crash that slew Peter's parents by choosing not to board. He believed he had gone underground, continuing his research for the CIA's Henry Gyrich to help create super-soldiers as insurance against Nick Fury's super-soldier ambitions.

"Richard Parker" dies

Soon after his creation, Richard confronted May Parker, who angrily demanded he leave Peter alone to have a happy life. When the Carnage creature escaped and arrived at Peter Parker's home in the form of Gwen Stacy, the other Parker clones fled captivity as well. Richard also joined the Parkers, giving Peter the false hope of his father's survival. SHIELD surrounded the house, Gwen transformed into Carnage, and in the chaos, May had a heart attack; Richard escorted May to the hospital with the Invisible Woman.[1]

Sue checked Richard's blood and determined he was in fact Peter's aged clone. Richard's aging accelerated and he died shortly after Sue revealed to him his true identity. In his last words, he asked Sue to be Peter's friend.[2]


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Richard possessed superhuman strength, reflexes, and equilibrium, the ability to cling to most surfaces, and a sixth sense that warned him of impending danger. However, brainwashing suppressed Richard's knowledge of these abilities.

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