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Quote1.png You're quite an unusual case, Peter Parker. Whenever I start to think you're decent, you go and act like a jerk. Then when I'm ready to write you off, you go and do something totally decent. Quote2.png
Michele Gonzales

Appearing in "The Private Life of Peter Parker: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "The Private Life of Peter Parker: Part Two"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

The life and times of Marvel’s most famous alter ego continue!

  • As THE SPIDER-GIRLS take New York City by Storm, Mayor Jameson and his unfortunately-acronymed Anti Spider-Squad move in for the kill on the Webbed Wonder.
  • But will there be anything left of Peter Parker for them to get when his roommate Michele calls in an outstanding debt?!
  • Bob Gale and Pat Olliffe are back with the day to day life of the Penniless, Plucky Peter Parker!

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