Paste Pot Pete was a member of the Frightful Four who was in command of the province of Wittland. Pete and the others had a meeting with the Squadron Sinister in the Wastelands about the Four's supposed annexation of Europix. Hyperion suggested that the Four should let the Squadron handle Europix or they would suffer the consequences.

Peter Petruski (Earth-66232) from Squadron Sinister Vol 1 2 002

Pete attacking Europix soldiers

Pete helped his group against Captain Savage and his men. Then a battle broke out between both sides until the Squadron showed up to interfere with the Frightful Four's plans. Pete thinking he was not getting paid enough for all this trouble tried to bail on his teammates when he was caught by Nighthawk who brought him back to Utopolis to torture him for answers.[1]

Pete was brought in front of the other Squadron members to proclaim that the Wizard cut a deal with Whizzer to get his hands on an Argonite Gun in exchange for control over Utopolis once the Four took out Hyperion. The Whizzer said that wasn't true and it was actually Sandman who was the one who brokered the deal with Nighthawk. Pete stood there as Sanders blamed Nighthawk for setting him up, so he tried to race out of there but was killed by Hyperion's optic blast. Nighthawk getting away with his plan grabbed Pete by the neck and twisted it which resulted in his death.[2]


Seemingly those of the Peter Petruski of Earth-616.


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