Quote1.png ⚞sigh⚟ "Three Little Pigs" jokes, huh? Okay, sure, fine. Let's lean into it. We can do big and bad. Quote2.png
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Originally from a possible future of Earth-8311, Spider-Ham moved to Earth-8 and became a member of the Amazing Eight. He also married a pig named Peggy with whom he had numerous spider-powered piglets.

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While two of his teammates, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy were off for their second honeymoon, the Amazing Eight were visited by Gwen's younger counterpart from Earth-65, who had been accientally sent to Earth-8. Spider-Ham offered her access to a portal to return to her universe, and refused when she asked for help to defeat the forces of S.I.L.K. back home, arguing they needed to keep their home universe safe from Multiversal matters. A speech from Charlotte convinced him to reunite the remaining Amazing Eight, minus Miles and Gwen, and travel to Earth-65.

Spider-Ham and the Amazing Eight arrived in time to help fight S.I.L.K.'s troops.[1]


Seemingly those of the Peter Porker of Earth-8311.


Seemingly those of the Peter Porker of Earth-8311.

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