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Quote1 This is astounding! Am I a spider with the limitations of a pig? Or a pig with the proportionate strength and agility of a spider? I've become something greater than either spider or pig... I've become a Spider-Ham! Quote2
Peter Porker[src]


Peter Porker was born a spider (simply named Peter). Residing in the basement lab of May Porker, a slightly goofy animal scientist who had created "the world's first atomic powered hairdryer," hoping that "the introduction of nuclear fission into America's beauty salons" would "revolutionize the hair care industry". After dousing her head with water and activating the dryer, May Porker accidentally irradiated herself, and in a fit of delusion, bit Peter, who then found himself transformed into an anthropomorphic swine much like May Porker herself. Running from the Porker homestead disoriented, Peter soon came to realize that he still retained a spider's abilities.

Peter Porker (Earth-8311) and May Porker (Earth-8311) from Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham Vol 1 15 001

Peter is bitten by May Porker

After this startling series of events, Peter (who adopted the surname "Porker", that of his benefactor May Porker, who after the accident reverted mentally to a state in which she believed she was Peter's loving aunt) dedicated himself and his new-found abilities to fighting injustice as Spider-Ham.

Other heroes and Masked Marauder[]

Porker, in his spider-themed alter-ego's first adventure teamed him with Captain Americat, as they attempted to foil the nefarious plot of the Masked Marauder, in a series of events that led to the creation of the Hulk Bunny.[12]

Ducktor Doom[]

Several months later, Spider-Ham encountered one of his only recurring menaces in the form of Ducktor Doom[13]. Spider-Ham would meet again with Doom when Porker would foil the would-be world conquerors plot to create an army of living super vegetables.[14]

New Villains[]

Other notable menaces Porker would face along the way included the Bullfrog[15], the Buzzard[15], Hog-zilla[16], the Kingpig[17], and Raven the Hunter.[6]


He and Spider-Man (Ezekiel Sims) went to Earth-14512 to recruit Sp//dr into the Spider-Army to stop the Inheritors.[18] Porker later joined the Spider-Army to oppose the Inheritors on Earth-001. He disguised himself as The Scion, preventing the Inheritors from sacrificing him and completing their ritual.[8]

Secret Wars[]

When the Multiverse was destroyed and recreated in the form of Battleworld, Spider-Ham was recreated in the domain of Arachnia. He wondered the state until being mistaken for a man named Brett. Brett would one day come home to find Ham in his grandmother's home. He convinced Porker to join Bellows Bros. Circus where he was recruited into Ozcorp.

While trying to find out about her counterpart's life and death, Spider-Woman snuck into Ozcorp's Special Projects division, and discovered Peter. They escaped of the building after being discovered by Norman Osborn, and was later found by Spider-Man (Paviitr Prabhakar), Spider-Girl, and Spider-Man (Billy Braddock). Prabhakar brought them to his hideout, where he had created a machine to track the exotic resonances of the spider-heroes in this dimension; the device subsequently picked up another Spider. The signal brought the spider-heroes to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where they stopped the criminals Carnage and Tombstone, and discovered the origin of the signal, The Spider-Man from Earth-90214. The spiders were soon interrupted by the arrival of the Sinister Six.[19]

The Sinister Six defeated the Spider-Men and brought them to Norman Osborn, who stated he wanted to help them, and showed no ulterior motives. Using a similar procedure to Paviitr, Osborn had developed lenses that could focus in fifth-dimensional space, and created the mapping of a tattered web, that appeared to be the structure of the universe, using the resonances of the heroes. All of the spider-heroes but Gwen decided to stay at the Ozcorp Tower.[20]

As Osborn prepared himself and his Sinister Six to go after Peter Parker, who sent a photo of himself to Osborn, proving he was still alive and well, for them to meet at the George Washington Bridge, Anya Corazon took the other Spider-Men to see Norman's "Caesars Palace," which Porker mentioned to her when they were having lunch. Inside the room was the Siege Perilous, the chair reserved for the man who finds the Holy Grail, and hanging above it was a helmet linked to the the chamber where the energies of the web were being directed. According to Porker, whenever Osborn started to get really mad and complaining about how he was going to overthrow God Emperor Doom, he went to this room to sit in its chair. Suddenly, the room started to be filled by lightning bolts and a Thor appeared before them to reclaim the chair.[21]

Spider-Verse Vol 2 5 Textless

Expanded Web-Warriors

Parker confronted Osborn in order to expose him as a mad man, and distract him long enough to help Spider-Woman, who had returned to Ozcorp Tower. The other Spiders were busy trying to prove the Thor they were not a threat, and Spider-Woman convinced Electro to help them by destroying the Siege Perilous to show the Thor they were on her side. The chair surged into a feedback loop that caused an explosion which destroyed the entire floor. Osborn returned shortly after, and took the advantage of all of the spiders being unconscious in the same place to tap into the chair's power. After being rescued by Spider-Ham, Peter disrupted the chair, knocking Osborn unconscious. The Sinister Six appeared immediately after the spiders had recovered, ready to destroy them now that Osborn was out of the picture. Paviitr threatened the Sinister Six with using the chair to boost their powers, and the villains called his bluff, prompting them to surrender. With Osborn defeated, the heroes concluded that the domain would go through dire times due to the lack of authority, but they were ready to help it.[22]


The Ringmaster of the Prime Marvel Universe captured Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Spider-Woman and used their Dimensional Travel Watch to open a portal to Peter's world and kidnapped supervillains. Spider-Ham followed through the portal. Suddenly, the Web Watch sent the criminals out the reality. Much later, crime in New Yolk City slowed to a halt after the disappearance of Spider-Ham's rogues. Instead of doing something productive with his newfound freetime, Peter unhappily mopped around. He eventually realized he need to find his enemies, when Spider-Guin found him and took him to Earth-28204.

Spider-Man Annual Vol 3 1 Textless

Spider-Ham and Spider-Guin hunt down Ham's rogues gallery

They found out that Ringmaster had been using his abilities to mind control his villains to commit crimes across Manhattan. Peter believed there were too many villains to handle, so he had Penguin scatter them across the Multiverse. He agreed to a partnership and the two apprehended the criminals one-by-one.[23]

The Last Laugh[]

Sometime later Peter would be taken from his reality to Earth-616 due to his Multidimensional time watch acting up. Peter rightly assumed another Spider-Verse event was going to happen and began to attack criminals defending a woman in the process. Peter also felt very dark and grim about things ever since seeing his fellow Spider-Totems die, during the fight Peter ran into Pete Spiderman a plump and very neighborly Spider-Man from another universe. Peter was annoyed at Pete's goofy demeanor and his origin story along with his jokes and the fact that his name had no "-" in it between the "spider" and "man". When the 2 went to go save people from a burning building Peter told Pete to stay out of his way only to find him saving a girl and making her feel cheerful in the process. Peter afterwards apologized to Pete and told him that he had lost sight of the cheerful part of being Spider-Ham and thanked him for his help. Pete told him it was no issue and that he hoped his Multidimensional wrist watch (referring to it as "jewelry") got fixed as Peter swung away.[4]

A Pig in Time[]

Spider-Ham and Black Catfish responded to a break in at Beeyond Corporation. They found Green Gobbler attempting industrial espionage and quickly defeated him. Suddenly, another Green Gobbler portaled into the laboratory proclaiming she wanted to destroyed Spider-Ham. Peter stole her Time Cube, but accidently activated the device and was sent to Earth-93726. He reunited with Piguel O'Malley, who insisted Peter give him the cube, not trusting his competency. Peter accidently activated the cube again and the pair travelled across numerous realities in the Multiverse. Along their travels, the pair were joined by Spider-Rex and Gobblisaurus from Earth-66.

Pter Ptarker (Earth-66), Peter Porker (Earth-8311), and Piguel O'Malley (Earth-93726) from Spider-Ham A Pig in Time Vol 1 1 001

Team-up with Spider-Rex and Piguel O'Malley

They were eventually returned to Earth-8311 and reunited by Black Catfish and Mary Jane Waterbuffalo. The Green Gobblers returned to Beeyond Corporation and, joined by Gobblisaurus, stole back the Time Cube and opened portals for other variant gobblers to create the Gobbler Army. Luckily, MJ and Catfish had already called the Scavengers for backup. After defeating the army, Peter conceded that Piguel was the professional and gave him the Time Cube. Touched, Piguel apologized for blaming Peter and the two hugged before parting ways.[5]

Sometime later, Peter would eventually be recruited by Miguel O'Hara of Earth-2099 or Anya Corazon of Earth-616 to join the Spider-Society, which he would accept. [24]


Power Grid[26]
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  • Spider-Nonsense: Spider-Ham has Spider-Nonsense, in addition to Spider-Sense. His Spider-Nonsense allows him to be "cartoon-ier" with the more danger he is in at the time.[23]


  • Medium Awareness: Spider-Ham can break the fourth wall. He is aware of the fact that he's a comic book character and is supposed to be a parody of Spider-Man. He even states that there's new I.P. to be made if he has crossovers with other characters.[4]




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