Quote1.png I've been to the city. Heard stories of a powerful wallcrawing boar, who fought alongside this world's greatest heroes. Quote2.png
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One day, Peter Porker was eating his Aunt May's vitamin filled pancakes when he accidentally ate a spider. The mixture of the eaten spider and the vitamins mixed gave Peter the proportionate powers of a spider.

Using his new-found abilities, he became the hero known as Spider-Ham. He would eventually gain the attention of the world's greatest heroes, The Avengers, and was recruited into their ranks.

Spider-Ham No More

Despite all the good he did, J. Jonah Jackal, the publisher of the Daily Beagle, always criticized him. He was able to convince the world Spider-Ham was a failure,...and soon Peter believed it! He quit being Spider-Ham and all that was left was the Spidey Suit which he used as a scarecrow.


Sometime later, Earth-TRN456 was visited from Spider-Man and The Goblin from Earth-12041. Spider-Man encountered Porker and asked about Spider-Ham but was told he doesn't exist. Spider-Man was about to leave but noticed the scarecrow and Peter admitted to being Spider-Ham, but had retired due to shame. Just then The Goblin found them and fought with Spider-Man. Peter went to hid but joined the fight after hearing Goblin praise Ham but criticize Porker. Together, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man were able to defeat Goblin. Afterwards, Peter rejoined the Avengers.[1]


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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