Quote1.png You meet all sorts of characters when you're hopping dimensions. some are pretty chicken, but some are ready to dive into the action and go hog wild! Quote2.png
-- Spider-Ham src


Peter the Spider lived in the basement of mad scientist May Porker. After accidentally becoming radioactive, May bit Peter, turning him into a pig like herself. Suffering from a head injury, she believed Peter to be her nephew and he subsequently took her surname. Discovering he retained his spider-abilities, he called himself Spider-Ham and began a life of crime fighting. He founded the Spider-Ham Family, a group of crime fighting anthropomorphic pigs.

While battling the Green Gobbler, the villain was pulled through a portal. Following him, the team found themselves on Earth; the portal being activated by the Green Goblin. Spider-Man quickly came in contact with them and recruited them into the Spider-Men to battle the multiversal Sinister Six, whom Gobbler had joined.

Peter was among Earth's heroes who had registered under the Superhuman Registration Act.[1]


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.



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