Peter Prescott, aka Pecos Pete, was an outlaw that was active during the days of the American Frontier. He crossed paths with Kid Colt early on on his career as a wanted outlaw. Unaware that Colt was wrongly accused of the murder of his father, Pecos offered to join up with Kid Colt. The Kid refused, and the two were soon chased off by a posse of lawmen, parting ways.

Many days later when the heat had died down, Pecos Pete was still determined to partner with Kid Colt and followed his trail to the Quaker town of God's Acres. Pecos confronted Kid Colt and once more offered to join him. Kid Colt had found peace in the town where guns were not allowed and denied this request again, and when Pecos suggested taking over the town a fight between the two broke out. Kid Colt won the fight and the sheriff of God's Acres ordered Pecos Pete to take his gun and leave town. Before doing so, Pecos robbed and murdered Jim Cabot, a man who nursed Kid Colt back to health when he was injured in his escape from the law. Learning this, Kid Colt reclaimed his guns and shot down Pecos Pete in a gun fight. Finding himself no longer welcome in God's Acres, Kid Colt soon left shortly thereafter.[1]




Pecos Pete rode a horse.


Pecos Pete was armed with a six-shooter.

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