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The Guardians battled the Chitauri, an alien race led by Korvac. When Rocket Raccoon's ship was pulled into the Chitauri ship, Rocket faked surrender so that they could free the captive Guardians of the Galaxy members. Afterwards, Spider-Man discovered that the Chitauri were planning to destroy the Earth. The Guardians planned to run the Chitauri ship into the sun while fighting the Chitauri forces. When their tactic didn't work, the Guardians ended up making their way towards the Dark Matter Cannon. While Nova and Spider-Man headed to the Dark Matter Cannon, the Guardians fought the Chitauri and Korvac. After Korvac was defeated by Groot, Nova destroyed the Dark Matter Cannon and the Chitauri ship was destroyed.[1]

Star-Lord's Original Appearance

Guadians and Space Knights

When Galactus arrived to consume Earth, Iron Man ended up having to speak with him which resulted in both of them teleporting away. The Avengers tracked Iron Man to the planet where the D'bari lived and witnessed their ships in the middle an evacuation after Iron Man who was empowered by the Power Cosmic led Galactus there. The Avengers had to work with the Guardians of the Galaxy to keep Galactus from consuming Earth. It later turned out that the planet that Galactus was consuming was becoming unstable before Galactus arrived. Galactus found himself unable to stop the process as the Power Cosmic-empowered Iron Man quoted "Galactus must feed." After the planet exploded, Galactus was knocked out cold, the D'bari settled on another planet, and Iron Man returned to normal.[2]

Infinity Stones

Star-Lord tried numerous times to convince Tony Stark and the Avengers to give them the Infinity Stones they had been collecting since they arrived to the Earth. When Black Widow took the Stones from their vault in the Avengers Tower with the help of Thor, the Guardians teleported to Earth and intercepted them, with the intention to force them to hand in the stones.

The rest of the Avengers arrived to help. Falcon managed to modify the Guardians' own teleporters, and send them back to their ship. The teleporters had been infected with malware so they couldn't function later.[3]

The Guardians later returned to Earth when Thanos was defeated by the Avengers, and the Mad Titan was handed over to them. In addition to thanking the Avengers for dealing with Thanos, the Guardians apologized for having tried to attack them.[4]



Seemingly those of the Peter Quill of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Quill of Earth-199999.



Star-Lord Armor

  • Helmet: Quill wears a helmet with different capabilities like being able to see ultraviolet and thermal waves. The helmet has internal communications systems. The helmet allows Peter to breathe in the vacuum of space. The helmet is also shown to record whatever the wearer sees and project video holograms of those recordings.

Universal Translator: Quill was given a translator ear piece by Yondu that allows him to understand and speak various alien languages.

Cosmic Mix Vol. 1: A mix tape of his mother's favorite songs. One of the only things he has to remember her and the planet Earth by.

Jet Boot Attachments: Quill has small jets that he attaches to his boots. The jets can facilitate an increase in forward movement, and can also be used to achieve directional control during a space walk.


Element Blaster: Star-lord currently possesses two Element Blasters that shoots out the elements of fire, water, earth, air and lighting. The first one was left for him by his dad before he was born,[5] the second one Peter had stolen from J'son when they became enemies.[6] Star-lord's Element Blasters were upgraded by Spider-Man to blast sonic sounds to fight against Symbiotes[7]




  • Voiced by Chris Cox and Will Friedle.
  • This version is a mix between his Earth-616 and Earth-199999 counterparts
    • Like his MCU counterpart, his alias "Star-Lord" comes from a nickname Quill's mother gave him.
    • It's revealed that "Star-Lord" is actually the official title for the Prince of Spartax.[5]
  • When Peter was abducted, he had with him toy figures of Red Hulk and Captain America

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