Star-Lord of Earth-9997 would be one of three super-humans who would become a member of a group called the Realm Marvel, a group of living followers of Mar-Vell who wished to aid in his quest in killing Death and building a paradise in the Realm of the Dead.

Traveling to the Negative Zone with Richard Rider and Carol Danvers, the three would enter a state of suspended animation and through unrevealed means enter the Realm of the Dead. There they would aid Mar-Vell in collecting an army of super-humans to help in his quest. During the final battle against Death's army, the Realm members were seemingly choked to death by Mephisto. However, they would survive as they were seen alive and well in the Negative Zone when Reed Richards and an army of super-humans came to that realm to see the damage caused by Paradise's expansion into that realm. Star-Lord's activities following his defeat by Mephisto and after his encounter with Richards remains unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Peter Quill of Earth-616.

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