Peter Jason Quill was the child of a Human woman and the Spartax Prince J'Son, which lead to the death of his mother when his home was attacked by aliens. Taking the Element Gun left behind by his father, Peter dedicated his time on Earth to becoming an astronaut, and eventually became the hero Star-Lord, traveling the stars and fighting crime. After a conflict with The Fallen One lead to thousands of innocent lives lost, a traumatized Peter Quill had himself enrolled in The Kylnn, intending to stay imprisoned and content for The Star-Lord to die. When the Annihilation Wave struck the galaxy, however, Quill was called back into action by Nova, and the two helped turn the tide of the war.

After the Annihilation War ended, Star-Lord was forced to don the mantle of Star-Lord again, and lead a ragtag suicide squad including Rocket Raccoon against Ultron and the Phalanx forces. Quill survived the war, and his time with the squad inspired him to start a new team: The Guardians of the Galaxy.

When Doctor Doom claimed the Cosmic Cube as his own and used it to kill The Watcher, The Guardians arrived on Earth to work with SHIELD and their fellow heroes, and apprehend him. After Doom's defeat, Star-Lord continued to work with the heroes during the Siege of Asgard- eventually toppling Loki and saving the Realm. Loki revealed to the heroes, however, that his invasion left Asgard too weak to stand on its own to the invasion of Surtur, and that they needed his help. Reluctantly, Star-Lord and the other heroes took Loki into their ranks, and stood against the forces of Muspelheim and eventually felled Surtur himself, leaving Star-Lord and the others a celebrated hero of Asgard, praised by Odin himself.[citation needed]


Star-Lord Helmet, Kree Uniform


The Milano


Kree Sub-Machine Guns, Element Gun, Combat Knife

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