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Star-Lord was the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. After the rest of his team was arrested and placed into Prison 42 and Star-Lord went to rescue them but was captured himself. He escaped with the help of Cosmo and rescued each of his teammates. Before leaving he was sent to retrieve a mysterious piece held in evidence. After escaping, it was revealed that Rhomann Dey assisted their escape and that the piece wasa piece of the split Universal Weapon and tasked them with retrieving the other 4 before they could be assembled by Ronan. The first piece was in possession of Nebula and Star-Lord and the Guardians travelled to Sanctuary II. They fough Nebula and retrieved the piece before travelling to Sakaar and defeating the Red King they obtained the third piece. The fourth piece was retrieved from Asteroid 1121 which housed a Kronan secret base.[1]

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