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Peter Quinn was recruited by Magneto to be part of his new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He took the name Peeper and joined Slither, Shocker, Lifter, and Burner. After failing their mission and being defeated by Captain America, Magneto abandoned them.[2]

Mutant Force[]

The group changed their name to Mutant Force and offered their services to the Mandrill and battled the Defenders for him. Peeper became the field leader of the team, his powers allowing him to see his enemy's movements and plan for them. Despite being successful at first in defeating the Defenders and capturing the female Defenders so that the Mandrill could enslave them, the group was defeated by the Defenders during their third encounter.[8] Mutant Force was arrested, but they bargained with the U.S. government and became their agents in exchange for their presidential pardon. Their tenure as government agents was short.[9]


The Red Skull became the group's new sponsor. Now calling themselves the Resistants, they operated as a group advocating mutant rights. Slither left the group at this time. To avoid being associated with their old criminal group, many of the members changed their identities. Peeper now called himself Occult and wore a helmet to hide his features. The group fought Captain America (now John Walker) in opposition to the Mutant Registration Act.[4]

They were soon joined by various new members, including Mentallo who posed as "Think Tank". This time, they came into conflict with Freedom Force, a group who ironically enough, had been another incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but had now become government agents. The Captain America lost control during the battle, due to his recent violent streak as the result of the death of his parents. He beat up and seriously injured all of the members of the Resistants, while Occult was tossed by him onto the power lines and was severely electrocuted.[10]

Occult and others survived, but after another mission of the Resistants failed,[11] the team changed its name back to Mutant Force. It hadn't helped them much as they soon were defeated by the New Warriors and Peeper ended up being electrocuted again, this time by Bolt.[12]

Peeper was arrested and imprisoned at The Cage. The repetitive electrocutions damaged his brain and changed his personality; he had become mentally unbalanced, nervous and fearful, easily panicking at the slightest sign of threat. He started to stutter and repeating words thrice. He also started referring to himself in the third person as "Peepers." Due to his weird appearance and behaviour, Peter was mistreated in the prison. When two other mutants, Wolverine and Beast ended up in the prison as well, Peter tried to befriend them to get some protection. When another inmate tried to kill Beast, Peepers was no longer able to tolerate and snapped. He repeatedly stabbed a prisoner, and would've killed him if Beast hadn't stopped him.[13]

Shortly afterwards he was released and became a bartender at Satan's Circus, a bar for supervillains.[14]

Post M-Day[]

During the aftermath of M-Day, Peepers was seen with Mammomax and Erg on the run from the Sapien League. He commented that the X-Men hated them but Mammomax replied that the X-Men were heroes and wouldn't turn them away. All three were caught and almost burned alive at the Xavier Institute's doorstep if not for the timely arrival of Wolverine and Colossus. However he became lost in the confusion of the Sapien League's attack and the arrival of the Sentinels, but met up with Outlaw who was also on her way to the Xavier Institute for the promised sanctuary. The two became caught up in the fight between the Sapien League, the O*N*E soldiers, and the X-Men all before reaching the mansion. Peeper stayed quiet and out of the way of most of the other members of the 198. He was one of the mutants that receives a "tracking" chip and then later had it removed by Mr. M and followed him when he led his exodus from the institute.

Death and Return[]

Sometime later Peepers was seen driving a car and calling X-Factor Investigations. Siryn answered and he told her that he thought he was being followed. Predator X appeared at that moment and Peepers crashed his car. As he recovered, Predator X attacked and devoured him as he screamed. Later, Siryn travelled to the accident site, and was horrified upon finding Peepers' scattered remains.[6] Peepers was shown, years later, alive and well again for unknown reasons.[7] He appeared as a medical staff member at the rebuilt Ravencroft Institute.[15]


Following the establishment of a mutant-only nation in Krakoa, Peepers resurfaced as a member of S.W.O.R.D.'s mutant sub-team The Six under the command of Abigail Brand. Magneto was pleasantly surprised to see his Brotherhood follower from years earlier now as a member of the Six and asked if they would properly catch up, which Peepers delightedly agreed.[3]

Peeper remained with the S.W.O.R.D. for the next few years. During the third Hellfire Gala he and Hairbag drew the short straw, instead of going to Gala, they stayed to guard The Keep station on the orbit of Arakko. It actually turned out to be a fortunate thing, as the Gala was attacked by the Orchis and majority of the mutants on Earth were telepathically forced by Charles Xavier to enter the Krakoan Gateways and leave the planet. Peeper observed the Genesis War on Arakko from the orbit. When he noticed Genesis's fleet, he had contacted Storm to inform her of the upcoming attack.[16]


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Peeper is a mutant. Mutation caused his eyes to be much larger than normal and all of his powers are related to his eyes. He was stated to be aLow Threat by the O*N*E.[17]

  • Superhuman Vision: Peeper can see beyond the normal range and spectrum of that of ordinary people, his eyesight was descibed as broad and all-encompassing.[2][3]
  • Optic Blasts: Peeper can project destructive energy beams from his eyes. He can control the intensity of beams, from causing pain to another person[12] to being able to destroy helicopter with one blast.[4] According to Peeper, at maximum power the beams are lethal.[2]

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