Peter was the son of Kitty Pryde and Colossus. He had to grow up in an abandoned house with his mother but without his father, whom was zombified. While there, they found a black cat that Peter named Blackie. Peter learns about the word "Halloween" on the calender, and Kitty explains it to him. He wants to celebrate it despite his mother's protests in surviving only. However, he is able to persuade her into celebrating, using the argument that there's no point in surviving if they can't enjoy life.

Despite having an old Wolverine costume, decorations and jack o'lanterns, Peter is upset because there is no candy. Kitty decides to go to a nearby convenience store to look for some leaving Peter alone with Blackie. However, Blackie escapes and Peter is in the city looking for him, even coming across Mephisto, disguised as an old man, who described Halloween as "the night of the devil" in the town they were.

While he is about to get eaten by a group of zombified heroes, namely Karolina Dean, Darkhawk, Mettle, Zero-G and Squirrel Girl, Kitty saves him and phases through a wall into a nearby school to escape the zombies. While there, she offers herself to get eaten instead of her son, but they prefer to eat them both. But Mephisto appears just in time and saves them.

Kitty realized that he spared them so that he can later claim her son's soul. Mephisto leaves but said he will come back to get Peter's soul when he became older. In the morning, Kitty comforts her son saying that it's not certain if his soul will be taken by Mephisto and that he has choices. She shows Peter Blackie sleeping in a jack o'lantern. She found the cat on her way back from the convenience store. With that, he says he has all he needs, despite not having candy. Now, they resume with their normal lives.[1]

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