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Peter Spalding was an ally of Machine Man.[1] During the robot revolution, Dr. Spalding was present at Tommy's Scrap Yard, the hideout of the Midnight Wreckers, despite opposing Gears Garvin desire to use his skills as a mechanic to help fix robots in need.[2]

After their base was exposed by Baintronics and the A.I. Army,[3] Peter moved with Gears and the robots they were helping to a new hideout in Upstate New York. They were quickly confronted by Machine Man, who had learned of allegations that Gears and Peter were reprogramming A.I.s against their will. The claims were disproved, and Machine Man let Gears keep his sanctuary as long as he didn't interfere with the robot rebellion. During their encounter, Peter called out Machine Man on his newly-found ideals of robot anti-human supremacy.[4]


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