Peter Stromboli was a member of the Nazis active during World War II. By 1944, he managed to use his espionage abilities to get a job at the United States Banknote Company's Engravings Department. He and his agents stole a supply of silk print used in the production of American currency and then later arranged for the kidnapping of engraver Ezra Jenkins, his granddaughter Gloria, and some engraving plates all out from under the nose of Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes, both being injured trying to prevent the kidnapping.

Within the next month, Stromboli and his minions threatened to torture Gloria if Ezra refused to make counterfeit money. With this money, Stromboli and his men flooded the market with worthless money in order to ruin the American economy. In order to do this, Stromboli and his men (usually in disguise) would take one of their counterfeit $1000 bills to a bank and exchanged the money for smaller denominations. When Stromboli did so, posing as L.K. Waters, owner of the Waters Department Store chain, he was followed back to his hideout by Captain America and Bucky. The two heroes were ambushed, with the Nazi spies leaving Captain America for dead after a blow to the back of the skull and took Bucky prisoner.

Captain America survived and followed a trail of gumballs left behind by Bucky to the spies hideout. There, Captain America saved Bucky, Ezra, and Susan while revealing Stromboli as the leader of the spies and turned him over to the authorities.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.

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