When Peter Urich's armor was infected with a "spyder virus," he obtained superhuman abilities. He used these powers to become a vigilante in Technopolis, hiding his double life as Spyder-Man from his girlfriend Kiri Oshiro. The spyder virus also overrode the neural inhibitors implanted in Peter's armor, that would steer his mind from trying to learn the truth about the airborne disease affecting every citizen that forced them to use suits of armor for the entirety of their lives.[1]

Peter decided to investigate the murder of his Uncle Ben, and ultimately came across the truth, that the disease had been created by Baron Stark's late father, Howard.[1] As soon as he learned the truth, Kingpin's men gave him chase under the orders of Baron Stark. When Peter evaded them, Stark took the matter on his own hands and killed Spyder-Man himself.[2]

His death would not be in vain, as Grand Marshal Jim Rhodes' investigation of Peter's murder would ultimately lead to Baron Stark's fall.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.



  • Spyder Armor

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