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Petras Petragon (Earth-616) from Inhumanity Vol 1 1 0001

Petras before undergoing Terrigenesis.

Petras is the son of the Inhuman Royal Gorgon[2] and possibly of the late Myrra,[3] as well as the younger half-brother of Alecto.[1]

He was a normal looking child who was pressured by his father into undergoing the process of the Terrigen Mist at a young age, during Thanos' invasion of Earth. After coming out of the mist, Petras's transformation was not that of a benevolent one, his body was transformed into a small minotaur-like creature with green fur, a enlarged head with horns and a big snout. His speech became stuttered when he said his first word.[2]

Petras Petragon (Earth-616) from Inhumanity Vol 1 1 002

Running to Gorgon

After the fall of their home city of Attilan, Petras went missing after being transported through the mouth portion of fellow Inhuman teleporter Eldrac. When Gorgon transported in front of Medusa at Avengers Tower, his first words was where was his son, which Medusa replied with that all the children were gone along with Luna and her own son Ahura.[4] He was later found by Crystal along with other young Inhumans.[5]

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