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A time traveling experiment gone wrong created another divergent timeline, one in which present day heroes already emerged in the 17th century, the year 1602 to be precise. Mutants were referred to as "witchbreed" and, as such, were feared and hunted during the Spanish Inquisition. Those discovered are turned over to the Grand Inquisitor, this reality's version of Magneto. This timeline's version of Quicksilver was Petros, who aided the Grand Inquisitor together with his sister Wanda, a nun, both convinced that their "witchbreed" gifts came from god. In an era that had no other forms of long-distance communication other than writing mail, Petro's speed made him an invaluable asset to the Inquisitor, as he acted as a messenger between him, King James I and Count Otto von Doom.[citation needed]

The Inquisitor used the fervor of King James to save some "witchbreed" with less physical mutations from being burned at the stake, but eventually he and his aids were exposed as being mutants themselves by being betrayed by a desperate Toad. The Grand Inquisitor then sought refuge with his longtime rival, Carlos Javier (who had gathered his own group of witchbreed youngsters), and entrusted him with the long-kept secret that Wanda and Petros were his own children.[citation needed]



Seemingly those of the Pietro Maximoff of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Pietro Maximoff of Earth-616.


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