Commander Kornstalk was a Nazi naval captain that was active during World War II. In the fall of 1942, he was tasked with asking for a peaceful meeting with the Sub-Mariner in which he asked on the behalf of the Nazis for Namor to surrender to them. As expected, the Sub-Mariner refused and thrashed about Kornstalk's ship and left it at sea, removing its steering wheel so that the ship could not be piloted anywhere.

When Adolf Hitler personally ordered that Atlantis be infected with the Copper Plague, Kornstalk was recovered to head this operation. An undersea base was constructed with electrodes that filled the oceans surrounding Atlantis with copper particles that made the Atlanteans deathly ill. When summoned back to Atlantis by Princess Fen, Namor was soon contacted by Kornstalk who ordered Namor's surrender in exchange for a cure.

Namor agreed to the conditions and surrendered to the Nazis when they arrived in Atlantis by sub. Put in shackles and taken to the undersea Nazi base, Namor listened as Kornstalk gloated that they were not going to stop the Copper Plague and wipe out Atlantis. Namor, in a furious rage, then broke free from the submarine just as Atlantean forces led by Princess Fen attacked the base. During the fight, Kornstalk rushed into the base and locked himself inside, turning on the electrodes to full blast. In order to save his people, Namor used a rock to break the insulated wires, causing a massive explosion that destroyed the base. The blast knocked Namor out, leaving him vulnerable to Kornstalk who managed to survive the explosion. Before he could dash out Namor's brains with a rock, he was shot dead by Princess Fen.[2]


Pfeiffer Kornstalk (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 37 002

Kornstalk's diving uniform

Kornstalk wore a deep sea diving uniform that allowed him to operate in the crushing depths of the ocean.


As a member of the Nazi military, Kornstalk commanded his own battleship and later a Nazi U-Boat.


Kornstalk commanded a Nazi undersea base that had electrodes that could bombard the waters of the ocean with copper particles. These particles were deadly to undersea creatures after prolonged exposure.

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