Phadion was of the first generation of Inhumans,[2] and lived in Attilan during prehistoric times, circa 50,000 B.C where he was married to Rhaya,[3] and was possibly the father of Tuk.[1]

He was exiled from the city alongside his family by his enemies. Abandoned in a wild land, Phadion promised that he would return to the city and that Kadir, the ruler of Attilan, would fall, whorever minutes after his exile he was attacked by a beast called Gholla, wishing to protect his family Phadion battled the beast and using his incredible force he sucessfully killed it, but he was mortally wounded by the horns of the animal and perished minutes after the battle. His body was later devoured by other wild animals, but his son would live to avenge his father years after.[3]

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