Phaedor was the head of the Kree Supreme Science Council. He had Arides taken from his parents Falzon and Murius as a child and experimented on the boy for 20 years. He gave him the identity Shatterstar and inducted him into the Supreme Intelligence's Personal Service Corps.[1] He was also responsible for sending Arides to Earth to reccover the Inhumans (Race).[2]

The Supreme Intelligence later learned one of the 4 members of his inner circle was a Skrull but did not know which one. Phae-Dor was one of the 4 suspects along with Nenora, Nullet and Tus-Katt. Phae-Dor told the Supreme Intelligence he was a fool to suspect him. The Supreme Intelligence later killed Nullet when in fact Nenora was the Skrull. Nenora later ruled the Kree empire after the Silver Surfer drove the Supreme Intelligence mad.

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