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Reading comics in the attic to avoid his mother and father arguing, Billy was visited by his sister, Sadie, who wanted to introduce him to a strange dog she had found.[1]

The dog, downstairs, had been watching the argument before a mysterious influence caused the dog's symbiote, Hybrid to split into four, each part violently bonding with a family member. Billy ultimately fell victim to the Phage symbiote.[1]

The family, with new purpose, drove to New York,[1] and were made hunt down Normie Osborn for his codex. Tracking him to Rex Strickland's warehouse in Manhattan, the symbiotes encountered resistance from The Maker, but Phage managed to break into the safe room, noting that Dylan Brock smelled like Venom before his neck was snapped by Sleeper. Luckily thanks to the symbiote he survived and was detached by the symbiote along with his family by Maker, who kept them in his test tubes.[2]



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