Phatty is the daughter of former X-Statix member Phat. Her birth was the result of genetic material taken from Phat by Doop while he was alseep. She was born right after her father was killed during a mission. Her powers activated at a very young age which put Phatty at odds with people due to her over-sized appearance.

Phatty (Earth-616) from Giant-Sized X-Statix Vol 1 1 002

Phatty vs. Mirror Girl

She grew up becoming a feminist and a plus-size fashion model who was contacted by her father's former teammates to join a new incarnation of the team. After Katie Sawyer was kidnapped by Zeitgeist and his followers, the The X-Cellent, Phatty and the others arrived on the scene to rescue her.

Phatty faced off against Mirror Girl who used her abilities to show Phatty a image of herself as being skinny which through off Phatty's concentration during the fight. Sawyer was freed and teleported X-Statix away from battle to the graveyard where her mother was buried. After time want by, Phatty stayed with the group who became a media driven success once again.[1]


Phatty could stretch the fat deposits in her body, making it larger and fatter. She could make them grow in a certain area and stretch it to into big fists or into any other shape as a weapon.

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