Phil Rodriguez was a NYPD Detective when a new Spider-Woman began to ravage the city streets, causing several people to disappear. His boss, Captain Ronald Parady, pressed him to investigate the case. After speaking with the officer who investigated the complaint about Spider-Woman, Phil knew she had been seen near a house owned by Andrew Ramsey, one of the first missing, so he hurried to the spot. When he arrived at the house in Greenwich Village, he saw Jessica Drew coming out through the front door, pursued by the new Spider-Woman. Phil shot her, who escaped to the roof taking Mattie Franklin with her. Spider-Man, who was also investigating the events, faced Spider-Woman, but she controlled him easily and left him motionless while carrying Mattie there. When Phil and Jessica were able to get to the roof where Spider-Woman was found, she was lying unconscious on the floor, and Mattie had absorbed her powers.[1]

Mattie could not control the newly acquired powers, and the spider legs on her back appeared for the first time, hitting Jessica Drew and attacking Spider-Man. Phil fired at the legs, making Mattie release Spider-Man, but the girl then fled, driven by the legs over which she had no control. Jessica and Phil then ran to the place where they had left Spider-Woman handcuffed but found that the handcuffs were broken and she was gone. While trying to find clues to discover how she had been freed, Dr. Octopus appeared accompanied by Mattie, now under mind control. Phil fired at Doc Ock, but his metal tentacles deflected the bullets. Thankfully, Madame Web, who had accompanied the heroes, managed to break the control exercised by Spider-Woman over Mattie, and the heroes quickly arrested Doctor Octopus. Phil lamented the paperwork that awaited him and, to make matters worse, Spider-Man and Mattie disappeared before he could stop them.[2]

Soon after, Madame Web explained to Phil what they knew about the origin of the powers Mattie had received. Now that Madame Web's granddaughter had lost her powers, Phil agreed to leave at her expense as she had not been responsible for the deaths she had caused and was assured that this would help her recover.[3]


None, human.

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