Phillip Urich (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 17.1 001

With his identity as Hobgoblin revealed to the public, Phil Urich desperately makes excuses as his Daily Bugle co-workers turn against him. Superior Spider-Man learns of Phil's location and arrives at the Daily Bugle and fights with an unstable Phil bringing the fight outside where Superior Spider-Man disarms him. He seems to consider giving Phil a public execution, but Phil is freed from a prison transport by Green Goblin who upgrades his armor and weapons. Green Goblin asks only for full dedication to Phil's only identity from here on as the Goblin Knight. Goblin King trains Goblin Knight who has become anxious to jump into action against Superior Spider-Man. Goblin King reprimands Goblin Knight that it was his fault that he had to shut down his Goblin Protocols to avoid being detected by Superior Spider-Man.

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