Philip Gavin was Assistant Director of the secret service organization MI5. Gavin, however, had ambitions to become the next director of the organization. As such, when he learned of a potential terrorist attack on the city of London by R.A.I.D., he decided not to tell anyone in an attempt to force the then director of MI5 to resign after the fallout from the incident.[1] After other agents discovered the terrorist threat, Gavin was forced to take action, assembling a team that he felt would fail in its mission led by Union Jack.[2] Union Jack and the ad hoc group of heroes did succeed in stopping the terrorist threat, however, with the city's casualties numbering over two hundred, instead of in the thousands. This still had the effect of forcing the director to resign, thereby realizing Gavin's dreams. Union Jack, however, put the pieces together and discovered Gavin's plot, confronting the would-be director in his office. Gavin threatened to cut Jack's MI5 support if he didn't go along with his machinations, prompting Union Jack to punch him in the face and haul him in front of the British media to confess his crimes.[1]

Gavin's subsequent fate is as yet unrevealed.


MI5's flying cars


Presumably, Gavin had the arsenal of MI5 at his disposal if needed.

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