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Philip Javert, as the Swordsman, had been a member of his world's Avengers. Like the Earth-616 Swordsman, Philip had a history with Hawkeye and was championed for membership in the group by Thor.[2]

When his world was destroyed, Swordsman was then was recruited by Proctor to serve as one of his Gatherers. Swordsman joined, unaware that Proctor himself was responsible for the damage as part of his mad campaign to murder every existing counterpart of the Eternal Sersi.[3][4]

When Proctor's forces reached Earth-616, Javert and another Gatherer, Magdalene, began to doubt their leader. Swordsman was captured by the Avengers, but treated with respect.[5] Magdalene wanted him rescued, but Proctor wanted to renew his old relationship with her, so he sent the Anti-Vision to infiltrate the Avengers and assassinate Javert.[6] The Gatherer failed and soon both Swordsman and Magdalene fully abandoned Proctor and became honorary associates of the Avengers.[7]

"Kang" (Immortus)'s forces attacked Javert and attempted to replace him with a Space Phantom (who previously impersonated the Elder Cotati Swordsman) after taking him to what appeared to be the Cotati garden.[8]

After assisting the Avengers on several missions, Javert and Magdalene left Earth with the help of Iron Man, seeking to find a new home for themselves in another dimension.[9]


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Seemingly those of the Jacques Duquesne of Earth-616.



Special sword; presumably similar to Duquesne's


  • Despite having a different name and being at least a decade younger, Philip Jarvert was supposedly an exact doppelganger of Jacques Duquesne.

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