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Rebellious and undisciplined and in his youth, Philip Nelson Vogt was sent to military school when he was a teenager. Suffering from depression, Philip volunteered for a test to determine psychic abilities, leading him to be assigned to an experimental unit called the First Eternity Battalion, where he met and befriended James Tensen.[1]

Young Philip and James Tensen

Most of the unit was slaughtered during an incident at a routine deployment in Wundagore Mountain which pitted the First Eternity Battalion against Chthon. Vogt and Tensen became the only two survivors, and gained the ability to tap into the Psi-Force, a quasi-magical force field the unit's leader Emmett Proudhawk had been turned into when he seemingly perished at Chthon's hands.[2] After being discharged, Philip joined the N.S.A. and formed the Troubleshooters, a monitoring and reconnaissance unit meant to keep an eye on superhuman teams, of which Tensen became a member.[1]

Vogt and his Troubleshooters were tasked with monitoring the activities of the Ultimates, because of distrust of their members and the scale they were operating at.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Psi-Force Manipulation: Philip N. Vogt possesses some kind of connection to the Psi-Force.[2]


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