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Philip Nolan Voigt was one of the individuals given paranormal powers by the White Event, and potentially the most powerful. A psychologist, he had been climbing a mountain when the White Event happened in orbit, and later speculated that his closer proximity to it made him more powerful than many others affected. Alongside the mind controlling paranormal Dexter Charne - a former colleague - Voigt took over a private hospital Charne was working at and turned it into the Clinic for Paranormal Research, gathering others affected by the White Event supposedly in order to help them cope (though he hid his own parability). In reality, he had visions of a paranormal master race ruling the Earth with himself leading it. Opposed by former patients David Landers and Randy O'Brien of the DP7 when they discovered his plans, Voigt unleashed his own power, in the shape of a monstrous energy version of himself, and proclaimed that he was the Overshadow, since his power overshadowed all others.


When Landers hit his energy form after it had scooped Voigt inside himself for protection though, it exploded, leaving Voigt missing, presumed dead. Months later, Voigt resurfaced as a Presidential candidate, using mind control powers to persuade others to help him, and even controlling his former patients Charlotte Beck (Friction), Merriam Sorenson (Sponge) and Stephanie Harrington and their associate Jenny Swensen (Chrome) whom the CIA had sent to spy on him. When the woman's friends, O'Brien and Landers, opposed Voigt, he forced the women to attack them, and then announced that if any of them moved against him again, he would cause them to commit suicide through mind control. Voigt was elected President soon after, though he was subsequently stripped of his powers by the Star Brand. He later regained his powers somehow, and used them to assist Quasar for reasons of his own when Earth-148611 was brought into the universe of Earth-616. [citation needed]

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Voigt had the ability to duplicate the powers of any paranormal he encountered. Apparently, he retained them permanently and could magnify them to an incredible degree. The only power he seemed unable to duplicate was the Star Brand.

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