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Philip Russell married his former sister-in-law Laura and invited her and her children, Jack and Lissa to stay with him in Los Angeles. Aware that Laura had inherited her late husband's family fortune, he was originally thought to have conspired with members of the Committee to have her killed. Laura crashed her vehicle and died soon after, but not before making her son vow not to harm Philip.

Philip was taken prisoner by Taboo in a plot to get Jack Russell to reveal the location of the Darkhold. He left Philip to be killed by his nephew who had always sought revenge for his mother's death. Jack, however, remembered the vow he had made to his mother and used his werewolf powers to break them out instead. When they confronted Taboo, Philip's mind was transferred into the body of Algon, the wizard's son.[1]

After he was freed, Phillip revealed that he was in fact Jack and Lissa's paternal uncle and that he was not involved in Laura's death - he had in fact been trying to help after she was blackmailed by the committee. He and Laura dated before he introduced her to his brother Gregory. Philip moved to the USA and changed his last name to Russell.[2]

Philip for reasons unknown did not inherit the Werewolf curse that affected his father, brother, and nephew.


  • Although his name is spelled Phillip Russell on his driver's license,[3] his first name is usually spelled with only one "L".

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