Arclight was a mutant with shock-wave powers. She was a member of the Omega Gang, a group of mutant outcasts based in an underground network in the United States.

After the mutant cure was created, The Omega Gang allied with The Brotherhood of Mutants. Arclight was killed along with Quill and Psylocke on Alcatraz Island by Jean Grey's disintegration wave.[1]


  • Shockwave Generation Manipulation: Arclight can create and manipulate long-range shockwaves that can affect specific targets (such as the plastic Cure weapons) just by clapping her hands.

See Philippa Sontag (Earth-616)#Powers

  • Arclight appeared in the motion picture X-Men: The Last Stand, played by Dominican fashion model Omahyra Mota. Arclight had no lines in the film.
  • In the movie, her shockwave-based superpowers are more refined than in the comic book: her shockwaves project in an outward fashion and she can target specific materials.

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