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Under the orders of Mister Sinister, Arclight, along with Vertigo, retrieved Chance White in the sewers of New York while Deadpool, who previously kidnapped him, was distracted. However, Deadpool soon learned that Arclight and Vertigo had taken White and followed them in order to retrieve him. Arclight made several attempts to impede Deadpool as he gave chase, and eventually fought Deadpool herself. During their fight, she caused the grate she and Deadpool were fighting on to collapse. After Deadpool defeated her, he annoys Arclight to the point where she shattered the grate completely, causing both her and Deadpool to be impaled by protruding pipes in the bottom of the sewers. Deadpool survived, due to his healing factor, but Arclight didn't.

Later on Genosha, Mister Sinister cloned Arclight, Vertigo, and Blockbuster, and sent them to kill Deadpool, but Deadpool defeated all three of them.[1]


Seemingly those of the Philippa Sontag of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Philippa Sontag of Earth-616.

  • Voiced by Chani Krich.

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