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Arclight is a superhumanly strong mutant. She was usually seen alongside Blockbuster. She, Blockbuster, and a number of other mutants were picked up by Magneto in Wakanda. They then traveled to Genosha where they liberated the mutant "workers". They were then taken to their new home, Asteroid M.[1]

Aboard Asteroid M, Arclight was among the mutants accusing Gambit of treason after Cortez framed him for Magneto's death. After learning the truth, that Cortez murdered Magneto and not the X-Men, she turned on him. Upon the destruction of the Asteroid M, she returned to Earth.[2]

Arclight was seen among the mutant inhabitants of Skull Mesa. The community was ruled by the evil mutant Solarr, who forced them to mine for diamonds. The X-Man Cyclops aided them in defeating him.[3]

After many years of civil war, the island of Genosha lay in ruins and was eventually conquered by Magneto. After declaring war on humanity, Arclight was one of the mutants who migrated to Genosha.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Phillipa Sontag of Earth-616.

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