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Quote1.png No one escapes. Not until the Siege has eaten it's fill. Quote2.png
The Philistine[src]


Before alteration

Initially, the man who would become the Philistine was a university archaeologist who looked for the Siege Perilous with an assistant. Once found beneath Stonehenge, he killed his companion and went through the Siege Perilous, transforming him into the being he is now.[1]

A few months later he joined the Hellfire Club, associating with Kade Kilgore and the Hellfire Academy. Before the academy's destruction, he referred to Wilhelmina Kensington as the mirrors' queen, and together they traveled through it to parts elsewhere.

Powers and Abilities


Due to his interaction with the Siege Perilous, The Philistine had been dramatically altered and possesses the powers as follows.

  • Energy Projection: His connection to the siege empowered him with unknown force manipulation aspects as he can project eviscerating/concussive energy from his hands as force blasts.[2]
    • Energy Wave Expulsion: He is also capable of projecting force wave energy from his body at will.
  • Teleportation: Given upon his alteration, the philistine can warp to and from anywhere with undisclosed limits, usually accommodated with a "foomphf" noise.
  • Wing Manifestation: He can manifest a set of black wings and is apparently able to alter their size and span at will, able to use them as razor blades.[1]
    • Flight
  • Telepathy

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