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The Philistines were one of the people living in Israel during the Biblical times, and were enemies of the Israelites.


Masters of the Israelites

The Philistines tyrannized the people of Judah, among which none was strong enough to defy their persecutors.

One day, the Angel of the Lord came to Manoah and told him that his wife was going to have a son consecrated to God, and that he was to never cut his hair.[1]

Opposing the Israelites

The Israelites, then including many idols-worshipers, went to battle with the Philistine, bringing the Ark of the Covenant to ensure their victory. Allegedly due to God being angry to the Israelites who worshiped idols, the Philistines won the battle and took the Ark. They brought it to their city of Ashdod and placed the Ark in the temple of Dagon. The two next nights, the statue of Dagon fell or broke, and the Philistines returned the Ark to the Israelites, as the prophet Samuel had said they would.[2]

Armies of the Philistines were slain by the angel Zadkiel.[3]


The Philistines worshiped the Annunaki, the Mesopotamian gods,[4] including "Dagon",[1][2] the Fish-God,[5] which could refer to the Mesopotamian god Dagon, but also to the aquatic monster and possible Old One Dagon.


  • The Philistines were a people that lived in Mesopotamia, and often clashed with the Hebrews.


  • Philistines also became as a pedantic derogatory expression for uneducated[6] or art-unappreciative people.[7]

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