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Phillip, a seemingly kindly mutant, led the Children of Heaven cult, ostensibly a sanctuary for runaway teens, especially mutants. In reality, Phillip used his cultists to perform various shady deals, including those in pornography and drugs, using force when they would not oblige him.

Archangel, who followed a drug deal back to the cult, fought off the group, a battle which ended when Beth, one of the most victimized cultists, sent a psychic bolt through Phillip's head. Phillip was taken into custody by the Police.[1]

It is unknown if he retained his mutant powers after the event of M-Day.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy: Phillip's mutant ability allowed him to enter the minds of other people.
    • Mind Reading: Phillip has the power to read people's thoughts.
    • Mental Replay: Phillip has the power to make others experience their deepest fears.

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