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Quote1.png I have faith in you, Phillip Chang. You'll find it. You're a good scientist, but more importantly, you're a good man. Quote2.png
Dr. Yao Wu[src]


Early Life

Born in Hong Kong. While there in his teenage years he was troubled and committed various crimes. After his enemies threw a grenade at him, his grandparents urged him to renounce his violent ways. He then hopped aboard a cargo ship and headed to America. Once in America he became a student at Empire State University. His uncle and aunt who he lived with in America owned a Chinese restaurant called the Lotus and he would work there after school. Betty Brant once dragged Peter Parker to the Lotus restaurant, where they spotted Chang. Chang recognized Parker from the University and apologized for almost hitting him. The villain White Dragon showed up and wanted Chang to join the Dragon Lords otherwise Spider-Man's life was forfeit.

Parker Industries

Phillip Chang was appointed as chief in Parker Industries' renewable energy research department.[1]

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