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Quote1.png I grew up obsessed with super heroes. But I never wanted to be one of them. I wanted to be the guy who even gods had to make an appointment to see. Now, I am that guy. Quote2.png
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President Coulson's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's. His Earth-616 counterpart made a deal with Mephisto to where he was given a Pandemonium Cube, an artifact that allowed him to warp reality to where the Avengers never existed and majority of people worshipped Mephisto.[1]

Coulson was eventually elected President of the United States and was working toward getting reelected. When the White House was attacked by Dr. Juggernaut, Hyperion arrived to stop him. As the two fought, Coulson watched the battle while the Secret Service advised him to get to the White House's emergency bunker. Coulson answered by asking the agents if they ever seen anything so beautiful.[2]

However, Coulson's world was starting to fray when Blade the Vampire Hunter who was unaffected by the reality warp began reforming the Avengers. The Avengers got the attention of the Squadron Supreme and went to investigate. Coulson found out about this after listening to a conversation between Doctor Spectrum and Blur. Coulson's vice-president Thaddeus Ross and Press Secretary J. Jonah Jameson both gave their opinion on what to do. Before the pair could take any action, Coulson shot them both to death in order to pin the blame on Wakanda where the Avengers were hiding. Mephisto then appeared and told them that his world faltered every time the word "Avengers" was spoken. To save his world, Coulson planned to use the Pandemonium Cube.[1]

After killing S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Reed Richards and Ben Grim and photographer Peter Parker who came to investigate the energy the Pandemonium Cube gave off, Coulson traveled to Wakanda in a flying car while accompanied by USAF jets. Captain America confronted Coulson who attacked him with the Pandemonium Cube but couldn't penetrate Rogers' shield. Coulson' flying car was then knocked out of the air by pilot Carol Danvers, who sided with Rogers in the fight. After the car crashed, Phoenix host Echo and Star Brand bearer Brandy Selby destroyed the Pandemonium Cube. Coulson grabbed the Cube as he perished in his flaming car while asking Mephisto why he'd forsaken him.[3]

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Seemingly those of the Phillip Coulson of Earth-616.



Formerly the Pandemonium Cube, an artifact that could warp reality


Formerly a flying limo

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