Phillip DeWolff was a police commissioner of New York City. Both his children, Jean and Brian became police officers as well, although this caused a rift between him and his daughter, as he saw a woman's place to be at home, not in a police station.[1]

When his son was shot while on duty, Phillip took the body whose mind had been severed from his nervous system. Using his contact to two criminal businessmen Bonn and Vorster, he created a machine that would revitalize his son so that he could become a vigilante. However, an accident with the machine caused him to beccome linked to his son's mind, allowing him control over his body.[2]

Phillip then used his son in the guise of the costumed criminal Wraith to eliminate Bonn and Voster as well as other bombings in order to get his daughter quit her job.{{|Marvel Team-Up #48|49}} When she discovered the true identity of the Wraith, Phillip attempted to kill her, but she was saved by Spider-Man, Iron Man and Doctor Strange.[2]

Both were arrested and brought to trial. During the proceedings, Phillip managed once more to take control of Brian's body, but was once again defeated and sentencedd to prison. Dr. Strange removed the bullet from Brian's spine and restored his mind to order.[3]

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