Philip originally posed as his brother Ramon the original Senor Muerte. Working with Tarantula he planned to smuggle Madbomb parts. Their plot was uncovered by Ken Astor who under the alias Al Avison enlisted the aid of Captain America. Muerte and Tarantula managed to get the drop on Cap knocking him out and throwing him in a river. Captain America recovered in time to capture them before they could carry out their plan, but not before they killed Ken Astor.
Philip next turned up helping his brother Jaimie run various casinos. In revenge for killing their brother as well as disrupting their gambling operations it was decided to kill Power Man and Iron Fist. Muerte made several failed attempts to kill them, but all it ended up doing was bringing them to the brothers casino where they were defeated and captured. [citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Gambler, highly skilled in the use of knives, expert assasin, average hand-to-hand combatant using basic streetfighting techniques.



  • Señor Muerte Suit: Sometimes wore a duplicate of his late brother's costume with the same properties, sometimes wore a blank-featuread face-mask which could be reshaped to resemble a death's head, usually wore a coat and vest with specially design pockets for carrying concealed weapons. Gloves able to deliver an electric shock or release spider venom. Blank featured face-mask that could be reshaped to resemble a death's head.


An assortment of knives, high-powered handguns, hand grenades and flamethrowers concealed in special pockets in his coat and vest.

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