The Puppet Master was a sculptor whose clay was hit from a fragment of the same space station where the Fantastic Four were in when they got their powers. After touching his clay, he discovered he can manipulate the person of whoever he sculpts, resulting in him taking over the Thing and kidnapping the award-winning artists and Alicia. When the other Fantastic Four members arrived, the Puppet Master sculpted the Human Torch and took control of him until Alicia broke the sculptures and the Puppet Master is jailed. However, the ending hints at him escaping, as he disguised some clay as a pair of sunglasses.[1]


He later manipulated his guards into bringing him enough of his clay to control all of the city officials and many of its regular citizens, allowing him to have the Fantastic Four evicted and turned into wanted criminals. He ultimate goal was to have Mister Fantastic enhance his powers through a cosmic energy amplification device Mr. Masters had pushed him to build, but he was foiled. He is locked up in the Vault (Prison), he removes some clay from under his false teeth, only for Invisible Woman to appear and take it from him.[2]


Seemingly those of Phillip Masters (Earth-616)#Powers but amplified.


Seemingly those of Phillip Masters (Earth-616)#Abilities.


  • Voiced by Alvin Sanders.
  • As is the case with Alicia, the Puppet Master is African-American in this series.

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