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Phillip Prometheus was a NASA scientist and astronaut until an accident aboard the Starlab almost killed him. Starlab's computers rebuilt Prometheus as a cyborg, but he was able to conceal this transformation, which left him mentally unstable. Returning to Earth, he founded the Human Engineering Life Laboratories (HELL) at Cape Canaveral, where he built his 'Prometheus Pit', a gateway to the Microverse. Seeking to capture the Microns for study after they appeared on Earth, Prometheus fell into his own pit and ended up in the Microverse, where he was mentally merged with Baron Karza. Returned to Earth following Karza's defeat,[1] he was judged insane and institutionalized but was later released.[2]

He attempted to capture the Microns again using hypnotic robot toys he designed and sold to a department store, under the guise of the Toymaster, but fell down an elevator shaft after being hit by Bug's rocket lance.[2] Prometheus was apparently killed, but his robotic body parts were reanimated and he was returned to HELL by the artificial intelligence Computrex which had gained control of the complex. There, the animated corpse of Prometheus clashed with the Microns once again but was destroyed when its link to Computrex was cut.[3]

Phillip eventually returned to life through unknown means (no longer a cyborg) and regained control of HELL. He began experimenting with the android Ultimo, ultimately creating the Ultimo Virus that infected them and turned them into miniature versions of Ultimo. When confronted by War Machine, Phillip was unrepentant.[4]



When he was a cyborg, his cybernetics parts possessed enhanced strength and durability.


Brilliant scientist


Phillip was driven mad when he became a cyborg.



The Prometheus Pit that acted as a gateway between his universe and the Microverse, a control ray that allowed him to control toys fitted with microchips


Ultimo Virus

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