Philoctetes was a skilled archer.[2][3]

At some point, he was the comrade of Hercules, and kept his bow and arrows.[3]

He was one of the warriors who sailed to Troy to help Menelaus retrieve his wife Helen who had been taken by Troy king Priam's son Priam. While sailing at the isle of Tenedos, where they stopped to feast, Philoctetes was bitten by a viper. Instants later, the wound began to fester and reek.[2]

Despite being attended by the healer Aesculapius, the wound kept on reeking, until Philoctetes was left behind on the island of Lemnos to nurse his wound. As the Achaeans departed, he cursed them for abandoning him.[2]

After Odysseus learned from Priam's prophetic son Helenus that Troy would not fall until the arrows of Heracles were stroke against its walls, Diomedes went to find Philoctetes, whose wound still reeked. Aesculapius's son Machaon treated the wound, returning Philoctetes to his prime.[4]

The next day, during a battle, drawn to the same place by the Goddess Strife, Paris confronted Philoctetes to an archer duel,[4] and Philoctetes, guided by Apollo,[5] killed his rival from one[4] or three arrows.[3] Menelaus rushed to dismember the one who had stolen his wife, but Philoctetes quickly stopped him, letting the Trojans retrieve the body of their prince and take it within the city.[4]


Philoctetes was a skilled archer, surpassing Achilles,[2] Ajax[2] and Paris.[2]




Bow and Arrows of Heracles.[4]

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